Special Purposes Vehicles

Telehouse Engineering Special Purposes Vehicle Business Unit handle manufacturing of Special Purposes Vehicle Product such as :

  1. Mobile Tower : Macro and Micro BTS vehicle
  2. Mobile Power : Genset Mobile Hybrid Power Mobile
  3. Mobile Antenna : Mobile Traffic Management, Mobile Repeater, VSAT Mobile and monitoring vehicle
  4. Other Vehicle : Boom Lift, Bridge Inspection,etc

Fabrication & Design supported with :

  1. Autodesk Building Design Suite Ultimate 2015 software for 3D design, SAP for Stucture analysis and MS Tower for tower structure analysis
  2. CNC Technology machines, such as CNC Punching, CNC Bending,and CNC Plasma Cutting
  3. Welding Machines Facilites, such as TIG Welding, and MIG Welding

One of Telehouse Engineering Product has a big constribution of cellular telecommunication growth in Indonesia is Tower Vehicle.this product design based on operator requirement that BTS can be easily relocated for occasional program ( Ceremonial event and feast day ) also for emergency like disaster. Furthermore, the function increase for survey tools, promotion / advertising, increasing capacity, and acceleration of telecommunication infrastructure deployment.