Steel Structure

Fabrication of steel structure is a series of work from some of the components are assembled into a single material with gradual implementation until it becomes a form of one of the types of construction that can be fitted into a building form to complete. The implementation of the process through several manufacturing processes step by step, it's called cutting process, the process of drilling, assembling process, welding processes, the finishing process, the marking, the process of blasting, painting process

Unit Bisnis Steel Structure , handle the manufacturing products based Iron & Steel, such as:

  1. Telecommunication Tower Structure & Non Telecommunication Tower Structure
  2. Structure Non Tower

Design and fabrication supported by:

  1. Vertex Software and Autodesk Building Design Suite Ultimate 2015 and TRUTOP for input to the CNC machine
  2. The machines with the technology Ficep Cutting & Drilling, Plasma Cutting, Stamping Machine Ficep
  3. Welding Machine Fasilities,such as ; TIG and MIG Welding Machines
  4. Sand Blasting Fasilities, Painting & Galvanising