Mobile Monitoring

Monitoring Mobile is an integrated between vehicle, device and tower which is function as a radio signal monitoring system on a region. The frequency that can be detected by this system from 1MHz up to 6 GHz.

This system is designed to monitor the radio frequencies in same channels simultaneously. The signal that caught will automatically connected with the computer to identify and stored in the form of digital data on harddisk for convenience in search back the data.

Monitoring Mobile is equipped by telescopic tower and being designed with the maximum height of 11 meters. This tower is designed to lift up in the vehicle by special modification. Meanwhile during transportation, the tower can be lowered and casted down on the vehicle and protected by the Tower Dom.

Hydraulic and pneumatic systems are using to lift up and cast down the tower, and also to arrange the erect level and they are controlled by remote where the power derived from the battery and/or electric power assistance.

The deployment of Monitoring mobile on certain location is quite easy and it doesn’t require a special specification, it only needs the flattened place and solid soil condition.