Mobile Tower on Trailer (MOTO-T)

Mobile Tower on Trailer (MOTO-T) is an integrated facility between vehicle/trailer, device and tower which can be moved.

MOTO-T is equipped with Telescopic Tower and designed with the maximum height of 15 meters. The tower itself is a self contained mode on the vehicle/trailer. Meanwhile during the transportation tower can be lowered and casted down on the vehicle/trailer. Hydraulic system is using to rise and lower down the tower and also to lift It up as well, while pneumatic is being controlled by remote and generator as its power.

MOTO-T can be easily put on a certain location and it doesn’t need a particular specification, its only need to be placed on a par of parking lot, with the flat and solid condition soil.

The MOTO-T general functions are :

  • To increase the network capacity during event or certain location.
  • To extend the coverage network on blank spot area.
  • To evaluate the customers demand on that area.
  • As the substitute BTS when it’s damaged, being constructed or waiting for the licensing process.